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Can you tell me about your coaching practice?

1. Fresh perspective understanding the generational dynamic in the workplace today.

2. Holistic approach - supporting all of you, in creating both a life and work that you truly love.

3. Process combines career counseling and life coaching.

4. Expertise in career assessment, research and job search strategy (such as personal branding, resume writing and strategy and interview coaching).

5. Experienced in addressing emotional and cognitive issues that can keep clients feeling stuck. Combine cognative awareness techiniques and coaching skills.

6. Each session is designed and customized to suit your personality, learning style, personal process and preferences.

7. I actively manage my cases. Our work together will not be limited to session time. I will be assessing, reflecting, researching and gathering resources between sessions to help you sustain momentum.

8. Both In-person and over-the-phone sessions available -- based on your preference.

9. Willing to meet clients at a location that supports us both.

10. Referral network includes complimentary professionals that can support you, and frequent check-ins to ensure you are getting supreme value from our coaching.

Who do you usually work with?

People who want to make a major career or life change, individuals in transition, moms and entrepreneurs wanting more balance, small businesses looking to grow. Anyone open to taking control of their situation, creating a visions for themselves with the understanding that all aspects of life are connected and influence eachother.  

What kind of results does coaching produce?

1. Figuring out what their ideal life looks like, and taking concrete steps to put the pieces into place.

2. Finding a new career that excites them and matches their personality, strengths, financial goals, family needs, and personal life.

3. Breaking through to the next level professionally, to a job with more responsibility and often more money.

4. Creating a “personal brand” which makes every phase of the job search more powerful and successful.

5. Setting better boundaries at work and at home.

6. Practicing much better self-care, and knowing themselves in a deeper way.

7. Developing a greater sense of well-being, optimism and confidence.

8. Bringing spending/saving/investing more in alignment with their values.

9. Launching a business that captures their imagination and is well-grounded in business realities.

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Coaching the possibilities charges an hourly consulting fee for career and personal coaching.  Inquire about sliding scale or workshop options.





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