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Work Life Balance/Parenthood/Young Professionals/Dating and Meeting New People/Career Strategy/Goal Setting

“Group coaching is a facilitated group process led by a skilled professional coach and created with the intention of maximizing the combined energy, experience, and wisdom of individuals who choose to join in order to achieve organizational objectives or individual goals.” -Ginger Cockerham


Group Coaching enhances trust, provides different perspectives while increasing creativity and motivation. It is a cost effective way of giving your employees access to both accredited coaching techniques and the wisdom of others.

Parents: Lets explore work and life balance.

This day in again there is always something going on. Between work, home, children, school, exercise, friends, birthdays, holidays and so on it is no surprise we can begin to feel as though there are not enough hours in the day. Understanding priorities and being able to let go of the bullets that didn’t get completed on the to do list is easier said then done. Utilizing the facilitated group process of coaching better understand what you really want from your life and how all you do fits into that.  

Profesionals: Dealing with other generations.

Wondering if your age is influencing others perceptions of you? What assignments you are receiving? Are you managing the younger generation and having a hard time inspiring them?   There are important differences in values, aspirations, and beliefs that characterize each generation. Awareness and understanding will leverage the strengths and differences of each generation which crucial to success both individually and as a company.


Looking to date or just meet new people: Discover what works for you

Looking to date but seem to be having little success? Wondering how to put your best self forward to start dating? Feel as though you take two steps forward and one step back in relationships? Explore confidence, barriers, online versus in person options in a safe environment and get ready for the rest of your life.


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